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Multi Gated Acquisition Scan

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Multi Gated Acquisition Scan

Multi Gated Acquisition Scan services offered in Lanham, Bowie, Camp Springs, Largo and Laurel, MD

About Multi Gated Acquisition (MUGA) Scan

Muga (Multi Gated Acquisition) scan is a procedure that allows the doctor to evaluate the pumping ability of your heart. A special camera captures the events in the heart's pumping cycle: the contraction of the heart, followed by its relaxation. When you arrive in the Nuclear Medicine Department, the nuclear medicine technologist will check your doctor's order for the test. Be sure to bring the doctor's order with you to your scheduled appointment.

A small amount of blood will be drawn from your arm and mixed with an imaging agent. After a 20 minute period, your blood will be reinjected back into your blood stream.

Your heart rate will be monitored during the procedure. The Gamma camera will acquire data based on the tagged red blood cells and your heart rate. From this data, the computer will calculate the blood volume pumped through the left ventricle of your heart (Ejection Fraction). The pictures will be taken while you are lying on a table under the Gamma camera. You must lie still while the data is being collected. A physician will interpret the data and evaluate how efficiently the left ventricle is pumping the blood.

Instructions before taking the test

There is no special preparation for a MUGA scan. The scan will take approximately 1 to 2 hours.