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Echocardiogram services offered in Lanham, Bowie, Camp Springs, Largo and Laurel, MD

If you have unexplained chest pain or shortness of breath, you may need an echocardiogram to identify the underlying cause. At Capitol Cardiology Associates, the skilled cardiologists use advanced echocardiogram technology in-office to assess the structure and function of your heart. Through an echocardiogram, the providers can accurately diagnose valve damage, congenital defects, and other heart issues that might contribute to your symptoms. Call the office in Lanham, Bowie, Camp Springs, Silver Spring, Laurel, or Largo, Maryland, to schedule an echocardiogram or book an appointment online today. 

Echocardiogram Q & A

What is an echocardiogram?

An echocardiogram is a noninvasive cardiac test that uses sound waves to create images of your heart.

These images help the Capitol Cardiology Associates providers identify issues that affect your heart’s ability to pump blood out to the rest of your body.

An echocardiogram also provides detailed information about the structure of your heart and shows heart damage or defects that interfere with your heart’s function.

Why would I need an echocardiogram?

Your Capitol Cardiology Associates provider may recommend that you have an echocardiogram if you have symptoms like shortness of breath or chest pain.

You may also need an echocardiogram if you have issues that relate to heart valve dysfunction.

In addition to using echocardiogram results to confirm your diagnosis, your cardiologist may also use your test results to create a treatment plan to protect your heart health.

If you’re planning to undergo surgery, your provider may also perform an echocardiogram as part of your cardiac preoperative clearance evaluation.

What happens during an echocardiogram?

During an echocardiogram, you can expect to lie down comfortably on an exam table. Your Capitol Cardiology Associates provider applies a gel to your chest before placing a hand-held transducer over your heart.

The transducer delivers sound waves that bounce off the tissues of your heart. The device transmits images of your heart to a monitor that your provider can see throughout your test.

You may feel some pressure on your chest during an echocardiogram, but the test isn’t invasive or painful.

If you have symptoms of certain heart issues, such as coronary artery disease, you may need a stress echocardiogram. During this type of test, your provider takes images of your heart while you’re at rest, and then they have you walk on a treadmill or ride a bike. 

After a period of exercise, they use echocardiogram technology to create additional images of your heart.

Once your echocardiogram is complete, your provider discusses your test results and any additional testing or treatments you may need. You can expect to return to your usual activities without any limitations.

Schedule an echocardiogram online or call the Capitol Cardiology Associates office near you today.